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alt is a venture studio that builds high-impact companies with ambitious founders.

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we give founders an edge

we are a ready-made founding team: specialized operators who have experienced zero to one with dozens of startups.
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startup is speed

you have to release fast and iterate faster. we release products in weeks and iterate in days.
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startup is focus

you have to release fast and iterate faster. we release products in weeks and iterate in days.
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startup is alive

you have to release fast and iterate faster. we release products in weeks and iterate in days.

the fastest way to go from idea to product market fit

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minimum viable product

your company starts when you release the first version of the product. do it in weeks, not months
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product market fit

keep iterating till you find customers who love your product, or kill fast.
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spinoff and scale up

build your founding team and find more customers who will love your product
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we exist for people who love to build

found your own company

we bring ideas, resources, and talent together, partnering with ambitious founders to build high impact companies.
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join our ventures as builders, team members, and advisors to empower yourself and other founders.
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the best founders build and scale companies with alt

creditbook logo

making finance accessible for MSMEs

CreditBook launched in 2020 with the aim to improve the financial outcomes of small and medium businesses across Pakistan. Starting with a simple digital ledger, the company has been building secure software for millions of businesses for financial management.

taraki logo

changing how Pakistanis find jobs

Taraki is a hyper-localized job and networking platform that facilitates skilled and unskilled workers across many industries in Pakistan to find work. By enabling people to create their digital business cards, we help them apply for jobs and join relevant groups to interact for peer-to-peer learning.
dealcart logo

democratizing e-commerce in Pakistan

DealCart is a Group Buying Social Commerce Platform providing first-time internet users access to affordable products in a gamified and interactive manner. We enable communities to 'buy together and save together' with a focus on providing national visibility to locally manufactured brands.
jiye logo

revolutionising agri marketplaces

Jiye Technologies is a B2B Tech based marketplace that connects farmers and businesses through technology, lean supply chain and fin tech. We solve for the supply chain irregularities & inefficiencies, enabling farmers and businesses to get better economic value for their efforts.
pryze logo

social gaming platform for Pakistan

Pryze is the upcoming social gaming and interactive entertainment platform revolutionizing the mobile gaming experience in Pakistan with the introduction of the first skill-based real-money esports platform. The platform has gained a lot of traction in its early days with 20000 users.
trikl logo

making savings easy for masses

Trikl is a savings platform that inculcates the habit of savings in a simple & intuitive way with a frictionless experience and process transparency. With automated savings, goals and roundups, it is easy & accessible for the younger generation to begin their journey of saving and investing.